How to Video Conference (Google Meet) with my Teacher

You may be asked to do a video conference with your teacher. You will be using Google Classroom and Google Meet.

1 - Log into Google Classroom.

2 - You can click on the link just under the title of the class, or go to the Classwork tab. If the teacher has turned on Google Meet, you will see a link to click to enter the Meet.

3 - If the teacher has not started the Meet yet, you will get a message saying that you can not start a meet. You will see a reload button. Continue to click on that button to join after the teacher has starte the Meet.

4. Before you join the Meet, make sure that your mic is muted and wait for further instructions from your teacher. If you move the mouse over the screen, you will see the Google Meet menu pop up at the bottom. Here you can unmute your mic, turn off and on the camera and share your desktop.

Watch the video below to learn how to Video Conference (Google Meet) with your teacher.

Use Google Classroom to Video Conference with your Teacher!

You can do a video conference with your teacher using Google Classroom. Watch the video to learn how!